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Internationally certifed Make-up & Hairstyling Education in the worlds leading Make-up school.  MUD Studio Berlin is part of Make-up Designory (USA). We offer our certifed programs in English & German in Berlin.


Level I




Beauty Essentials is the first class associated with all MUD programs and is the first step in becoming a make-up artist. With this program a student will be able to take the first step into a bigger world or expand their knowledge to incorporate make-up into other services.


This course is designed as an introduction to beauty make-up with an emphasis on the techniques required today in this multifaceted industry. Regardless of which of these areas you intend to work in, mastery of beauty make-up is a must. In this course you will start by learning facial analysis, base matching and application, correction, contours and highlights, with an added focus of eyes and lips. The course finishes with complete makeup applications ranging from one hundred percent corrective to natural make-up. This course consists of 24 sessions for a total of 84 clock hours.

Level I - Exam Make-up

If you want to work in the make-up industry, this training course is what you need. You will learn facial contouring using highlights and shadows, correction and concealing techniques, base matching, eye and lip treatments, airbrush techniques, and the proper use of powder and cheek color. As part of this course, students will be required to complete projects that range from natural make-up to avant-garde looks.


Our make-up training course, ‘Beauty Essentials’, consists of four modules: Foundation, Highlight & Shadow, Eyes & Lips, and Beauty. ‘Beauty Essentials’ focuses on the techniques that you need in this highly diverse sector. Regardless which part of the industry you plan to work in, mastery of beauty make-up is an absolute must!

In this training you will start by learning facial analysis using face charts, choosing the right foundation, making correction, creating highlights and shadows – both focus on the eyes and on the lips. The course finishes with complete make-up application ranging from one hundred percent corrective to natural make-up.


During this training you will get access to the MUD Job Board. A training platform that is exclusive to MUD students and graduates. Through this medium you will participate in promising internships that give you experience and your confidence a real boost! This ranges from fashion shows, filming, photo shoots to private make-up for special events. After the training you will get to start working as a professional make- up artist, in a variety of endeavors. Each experience will enhance your skills, and develop your creativity.

To enrich your make-up skills and bring them to a higher level, we suggest you take part in one of our specialty courses. You will for sure recognize and experience the quality and professionalism of education.

photos by Lisa Jurezco

photos by Lisa Jurezco

photos by Lisa Jurezco

Base Unit

  • Properly setup a professional and sanitary workspace and make-up station

  • Identify bone structure, skin tone, skin condition, coloration, imperfections, and the positive and the negative aspects of the face

  • Identify skin undertones and shades.

  • Properly match and apply base

Corrective Unit

  • Properly apply concealers to correct negative colors and blemishes in as thin an application as possible

Highlight and Shadow Unit

  • Properly highlight and shadow two dimensional objects to look like three dimensional objects

  • Identify natural shadows on the face and properly apply highlight to correct those shadows

  • Correct the nose shape using shadow and highlight with cream and powder products.

  • Properly apply highlight and shadows for the cheekbone and jaw line.

Eye Unit

  • Correct eyebrows using the classic eyebrow theory and graphs

  • Correct the various eye shapes with highlight and shadow.

  • Properly apply the four classic eyeliner positions. The student will be able to do the point-to-point method with: cake liner (wet applied), powder, pencil, and creams.

  • Properly curl eyelashes and apply mascara

  • Properly apply false eyelashes

Lip Unit

  • Properly apply lip color, including how to load the brush and use the point-to-point method to apply the color.

  • Correct lips using pencils and lip colors

Beauty Make-up Unit

  • Apply a 100% corrective make-up flawlessly


Anyone who wants to learn beauty makeup in an intensive training can follow our ‘Makeup Artist Level I: Beauty Essentials’ class! No experience is needed: beginners and professionals are welcome. This make-up course lasts 84 hours, by doing this, MUD makes the difference. Because no other makeup school offers such an intensive training in beauty makeup. After this training you are ready for the next makeup challenge! We see this first 84 hours as the basics for learning beauty makeup.


Are you already a professional makeup artist? Are you passionate about make-up but have no experience? This training is cultivated for both audiences with a highly unique and up-to-date curriculum, which originate from our main campus in LA.


Make-up Designory grew into the largest educational system that focuses exclusively on training makeup artists. Over the years, we remain true to our educational standards, curriculum development and teacher training. We created a standard form of make-up education that is recognized worldwide. The same curriculum and the same high standards and MUD certified teachers can be found in MUDs main campuses in New York and Los Angeles, and through the international network MUD Studios.


Are you familiar with the MUD Job Board? This internship platform is exclusively build for students MUD. After your training you will have access to this platform. This is handy because you can participate in real world situations and events such as fashion shows, film shoots, photoshoots and private make-up events. A powerful boost for your experience and self-confidence!


Level I  =  2,950 EUR

By registering 60 days prior to the beginning of the course start date, you will receive the option of a 10% discount on the course. The course price with a 10% discount would be 2,655 EUR.

Level 1 Make-up Kit

Included in the course price:

  • Student Kit (sponsored by MUD Cosmetics, worth 1,700 EUR

  • Textbook, workbook

  • Written & practical exam

  • International certificate issued by MUD US head office

  • MUD Pro Card for 30% discount for all MUD products

  • Tutoring and individual support even after completion of the course

To me MUD is the perfect combination of professionalism, teamwork and humor. There is a great balance of practical work and theoretical education, which results in high efficiency and constant progress. I am very glad I chose MUD for my personal development.
— Pia, Level 1 Student